Realtors – Resources and Conversion Strategies we bring to help you grow business and retain clients for life!

Why work with us? Good question. With our experience, technology and know-how, my Team and I can help you in 3 critical areas of your business:

1. We can help Drive More New Buyers

2. We can help you Secure Additional Listings and

3. Create Deeper Database Engagement that adds broad client value and creates deep, long-term client loyalty

Please don't confuse us with the average mortgage lender. For us, the mortgage is just the vehicle; our value lies in the financial strategies, technologies and expertise on how to use them to educate, mass market and covert a lead into a client.

The market is full of mortgage debt sellers who may be good at selling mortgage debt to a customer and getting that debt to the closing table on time. If that's what you desire, a transactional relationship, my team and I are NOT the the ones for you... However, if you desire a true partner who creates value, like you've never seen previously in our Industry, to help you grow business and maintain an engaged database of clients AND you want far more value delivered to your clients than they have ever seen before, then we might be the team for you.

OUR GOAL IS SIMPLE: To be the #1 providers of value to our partners and clients, helping them either save, or make, money in real estate and personal finance, so they avoid life events and are best positioned to grow wealth and retire well.

On the mortgage side, we have most all the loan types a client or partner would need for any situation, a proactive, weekly, communication strategy, highly competitive rates and fees and, for the most part, clients rate us a 5 STAR TEAM. This is NOT the primary reason people work with us... Among other things, our clients and partners tell us its our commitment to their long-term success, willingness to do what's right, even when its hard, and our driving commitment to add value to each and every person we meet.

In order to execute on this long term partner and client commitment, there are a number of services, tools and strategies we can deploy to handle almost any situation and need.

Here are a few of our Partner resources...

1. We have presentations that help educate on all things real estate. These presentations are client facing and help you address several client questions/ issues at one time through the ease of sharing a link. These customizable presentations address, among other things, these topics: How to Buy more efficiently, How to Sell property for maximum profit using strategic finance, How to Increase cash flow by using strategic financing structures, Things you need to know when buying your First or 2nd Home and/or Investment properties. Examples of these are here...

You need compelling content that educates? Here are a few Client Facing Presentations --

Customized Realtor Presentations to address specific markets and situations --

Owen Canavan - Fridrich and Clark Realty ( What First Time Home Buyers need to Understand) --

Rachel Hutchings -- Compass 30A Realty ( How to Purchase a 2nd Home More Affordably) --

Jason Rust -- Tanika O'Brien Team, Compass 30A Realty ( How to Buy Investment Property and Increase Cash Flow) --


Is anyone helping your offers stand out to the Listing Agent? We can. Check out our PERFECT OFFER PROCESS ( coincides with the video to the right). This is what we do to support your efforts when you submit a buyer's offer. This is THE PRIMARY REASON our offer acceptance rates are far higher than the Industry average.


2. We create Listing Landing Pages to help you mass market and sell properties quicker and for higher prices. In addition to NMLS and Social posts, our partners now have another, full color, professionally crafted, landing page with which to increase buyer awareness and activity. These include all relevant content regarding the property, financing structures demonstrating HOW TO buy affordably, Map showing proximity of nearby amenities and several other pieces of content to help educate, inform and create Offers! The also come with professionally crafted flyers with QR Code for ease of use! -- Scan code, drop on the landing page and get all the great education an content on How To buy that property!

Here are some examples --

Noble Place Townhome Project -- ( Work with Builders, or want to? We can perform like no other to set their community apart from the competition)

Megan Garrett Listing --

Rachel Hutching Listing --

See all listings here --


3. Is anyone helping you with compelling content that helps you with branding an influence in your local market? We can. As the Host of the national TV Show called Financing the American Dream, Brent can feature you and your listing nationally. He does segments on lifestyle, community and culture in local markets, focusing on why people love to live, work and play in the area. Its part of American Dream TV and seen on national outlets like CNBC, Travel Channel and streamed on Roku, Apple TV, among others. The goal is to provide insights into the Lifestyle, Community and Culture of the local area featured. The show is designed to help our Real Estate Partners with Branding, Influence and Sales. Its one of a kind exposure and shows the viewer why we love to live, work and play in the areas in which the real estate is located!

Here are some of the latest episodes --

For the latest in Market Data, Articles and Real Estate Calculators, please feel free to visit this website --



We love people and we try and do it well. We are not perfect, by any means, but we try hard to do what's right, for we are called by the Lord to do so. We are a client focused, mission oriented, company of professionals. We believe the mortgage lending Industry MUST change and be more long term, client centric so the client has the best chance of financial success in this lifetime. If we do this piece well, all parties will flourish.

Providing value, through client education, tools and services, is the backbone of our mission. We believe the client deserves more than just showing them what they can buy, providing it to them and leaving them with no future, advice and guidance. This is the prevailing attitude in the Industry and its why we believe it MUST change... and we're doing it!

Clients not only need to understand their qualifications to buy ( what they CAN do) but they need to understand, based upon a deeper dive into finances and goals and retirement, what they SHOULD do. The client, through education with graphs, charts and current market data, should also be instructed on what the market is doing, how its behaving and HOW, with the help of professionals, they can navigate it to successfully purchase or sell a piece of property.


The NEO Experience is the most powerful client attractant, client engagement and client retention platform on the market today! We call it the NEO Experience b/c our client experience is vastly different from other banks and mortgage companies in the country. The typical mortgage experience: Get Pre-qualified, hope to get into a contract, close the loan and leave client to figure out how to manage their debt and answer their questions for themselves.

The NEO Experience: Comprehensive approach to educating clients Before, During and, most importantly, long After the closing. This platform includes 7 uniquely valuable services and a one-of-a-kind mobile app that supports client efforts to understand all things real estate and personal finance. It's the platform we developed which allows us to execute on OUR GOAL, our client commitment, mention above. For more info, see the slide deck on the page to the right OR you can go here as well...



Track Home Value Monthly, Track Home Mortgage Monthly, Track Personal Credit Scores, Proactively manage their mortgage in a real-time pricing engine so there is NO market timing and they are always in the best loan at the lowest rate possible and to Provide vast education in all areas of real estate and personal finance. They will have a personal Client Success Manager ( a real person) whose job it is to connect with clients quarterly, asking great questions and helping them devise plans to help them hit their goals in life. ITS NEVER TO SELL ANYTHING! When was the last time someone called you, simply to educate and to help you hit your life goals, and wasn't trying to sell anything? Yeah, me either... but that's our mission!

You can trust us to do what's right for the client each and every time!


Provides one of a kind value, at no cost, to clients or partner, an amazingly 'sticky' platform, provides Artificial Intelligences (AI) that presents partner predictive analytics regarding their database, creates insights into client engagement and intelligent data points to help Realtor partner engage with clients at the exact moment clients need help and assistance. If no one is currently assisting you in this manner, we'd love to come along side and demonstrate a true partnership with you!

~ If you want to sign up for the services yourself to see what they can do, just complete the short form on this site and they'll start coming to you! Our Gift!

~ If you want more information on the mobile app, just say the word and we'll be happy to send you credentials!

Its one thing to say these things, its an entirely different thing to have platforms, tools and services built to execute on it! We want to execute this strategy with you, for you, so its helps build a business for long-term success!


Believe it or not, these are just a few of the things we can bring to the table! If you are interested in a discovery meeting with us, I would invite you to click my calendar link

and grab a time that works well for your schedule. We'll need at least an hour to properly understand your business, any challenges you are facing and then to present solutions to you.

Your partner,

Brent Willis, CMPS

Branch Manager of NEO Home Loans



"Brent was FABULOUS to work with!!! As first time homebuyers we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Brent was so helpful in explaining everything and he was always available for questions!!"

amy dishong

"Team Willis was fabulous to work with!!"

amy d

"Brent and his team were great to work with. Felt that Brent was able to do some outside the box thinking to help achieve my loan goals that other lenders would not put the time and effort into doing. Would highly recommend Brent to anyone looking to get a home loan."

shepley heard