Leading the Charge: ‘Digital Offers’ Usher in a New Era for Buyers Agents

Hi Buyers & Realtors,

Navigating the dynamic real estate landscape, I've refined our offer submission strategy to truly differentiate us. (See the video example to the right of the explanation of the structure of the offer)

My approach now includes:

⚡️ Tailored Video Message: A personal touch from me, amplifying the sincerity of our offer.

⚡️ On-the-Spot Approval Letter: Demonstrating your client's immediate intent.

⚡️ Detailed Financial Snapshot: A transparent, client-validated outline of the offer.

The key difference?

After my initial discussion or voicemail to the Listing Agent, I can dispatch the entire offer directly to the agent via text, ensuring it gets the attention it deserves. A custom thumbnail of the property further accentuates our dedication. Once the offer is made, we execute our part to ensure the offer stands out and all feel comfortable!

Will your offers blend in or boldly stand out in a market where every detail counts? Let's transition from traditional PDFs to the impactful 'Digital Offers' approach!

Let's collaborate and redefine how your buyers secure their dream homes.

Ready to embrace the future?


Brent Willis, CMPS

Branch Manager

NEO Home Loans




"Brent was FABULOUS to work with!!! As first time homebuyers we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Brent was so helpful in explaining everything and he was always available for questions!!"

amy dishong

"Team Willis was fabulous to work with!!"

amy d

"Brent and his team were great to work with. Felt that Brent was able to do some outside the box thinking to help achieve my loan goals that other lenders would not put the time and effort into doing. Would highly recommend Brent to anyone looking to get a home loan."

shepley heard