How to Buy Investment Real Estate Strategically to increase Cashflow!

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Are you an investor in need of a better mortgage professional who can offer more than just the mortgage debt at a reasonable rate?

How about a mortgage team of professionals who can demonstrate for you, through the use of several financial and technology tools, if the property you're interested in buying will actually meet your Internal Rate of Return goal?

How about a team that can help explain various financing strategies that demonstrate how you can purchase real estate and grow wealth more efficiently and affordably?

If you want to engage in the investment property arena, we can definitely help provide insight, guidance and planning that will provide a lamp to your path.

OUR GOAL: To be the #1 provider of VALUE to our clients, helping them save, or make, money in every area of real estate and finance. We help grow wealth.


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These presentations and resources are for educational purposes only and some of the strategies explained here may, or may not, be exactly right for your specific situation. We'll want to schedule a call and/or a face to face meeting to discuss your goals, your credit profile, preferred down payment and cash flow requirements before recommending a path forward.

If you're not getting this type of advice, guidance and planning from your existing bank or mortgage lender, and they're leaving it all up to you to figure out, we'd like to show you a better way!


"Brent was FABULOUS to work with!!! As first time homebuyers we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Brent was so helpful in explaining everything and he was always available for questions!!"

amy dishong

"Team Willis was fabulous to work with!!"

amy d

"Brent and his team were great to work with. Felt that Brent was able to do some outside the box thinking to help achieve my loan goals that other lenders would not put the time and effort into doing. Would highly recommend Brent to anyone looking to get a home loan."

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