Move Up Buyers Confidently Purchase the Next Home w/ this Strategy

Hello -
Are you a move up Buyer who is hesitant to buy a new home because you have a lower interest rate on the current home and you don't want to trade it for a higher rate and payment?
Are you a buyer who would like to move to a better home for your family, but you feel stuck b/c the new payment is not in the budget because, when combined with the existing debts you may be carrying, put that home out of reach? We can help!
What if I told you we could help you buy the new home you want and not pay a significant amount more per month, if any more at all? Well, we'd love to help you analyze your situation and let the numbers speak for themselves.
THERE ARE 2 PRESENTATIONS HERE FOR YOU TO CONSIDER. The presentation above walks you through an example of a debt consolidation combined with the purchase of your new home. The Total Cost Analysis to the right also shows you the math around this strategy and demonstrates how we can structure creative financing to help you achieve a lower rate so your achieve you home purchase goals! BOTH presentations need to be understood.
Remember, its about strategy in real estate, not necessarily about rate, as the rate can always be refinanced at some point in the future.
If this makes sense to you and you are looking to move up to a new home, for whatever the reason, let us conduct a comprehensive analyze on your situation. It determine if we can make this happen for you while keeping you outflow the same, or less than you already are paying. Don't let fear of current market hold you back. All we're suggesting is a conversation to analyze your situation.
P.S. For more presentations on strategies we use to help clients purchase real estate more affordably, please see the bottom of the page.
Brent Willis, CMPS
Branch Manager
NEO Home Loans


"Brent was FABULOUS to work with!!! As first time homebuyers we couldn’t have asked for a better team. Brent was so helpful in explaining everything and he was always available for questions!!"

amy dishong

"Team Willis was fabulous to work with!!"

amy d

"Brent and his team were great to work with. Felt that Brent was able to do some outside the box thinking to help achieve my loan goals that other lenders would not put the time and effort into doing. Would highly recommend Brent to anyone looking to get a home loan."

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