NOW is the time to Buy! – Watch Video as the DATA tells the story…

If you're a buyer who has been waiting for Interest Rates and Sales Prices to come back down before jumping back in the real estate market to buy a home, that may be a big mistake. Here's why...and its as simple as understanding supply and demand...
Buyers - Housing Inventory Inventory is very Low and may remain that way for some time as builders can't just produce a home immediately. It takes, at least, a year for the process to complete itself so there is a home to purchase. We've been short on supply for the last 10 years. This means that with higher rates, Sellers are in more of a mood to negotiate. When rates start going down, and they will as Inflation starts to come down ( which should be in the next month or so) competition for an already few number of homes will exponentially increase! How do I know? .. I can just look at the last 2 years to show you what happens with low rates in a low inventory environment. It becomes a seller DOMINATED marketplace.
Right now in the real estate market--
Housing Supply is LOW.
Higher Rates mean Buyer activity is LOW
With the Use of Creative Financing in the Seller Buy Down, Interest Rate and Payment will be MUCH lower.
A Refinance Opportunity will appear as Rates come Down BUT when rates come DOWN Buyer Competition goes UP, Sharply, as indicated.
The Strategy TODAY - Buy Using Seller Buy Down ( seller contributed money for a lower rate) and Refinance down the road as MANY others are trying to identify a suitable home to buy when lower rates appear BUT by that time, there will be FAR more competition for an already limited number of homes... As I said, simple supply and demand... Don't far victim to fear as we have all the data you would ever need to make a solid financial decision.
Creative Financing is the Solution: The Rate Buy Down Guide explains all rate buy down options to consider --
Top 5 Reasons to Purchase NOW helps explain the strategy --
First Time and Move Up Buyers check out this important presentation. --
Real Estate Report Card Data - I've included county specific real estate data to the right on this page. I used two popular counties but can pull data for ANY county in the country! Happy to go over it, as needed.
I hope this helps you understand NOW is the time to buy and HOW you can buy more affordably. Do NOT wait as the market will turn and, when it does, buyers will be overpaying and the opportunity to buy affordably will be lost! You can reach me through any of the buttons on this page. I'd love to help you develop a personalized game plan to help you grow wealth through real estate!


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