Conventional Loan Costs are Going Up but FHA Loan Cost are Coming Down!

Are you buying a home soon or are you a Listing Agent that might be wary of accepting an FHA loan? Then you'll need to look over the content below because FHA is poised to take market share.
As a buyer, you need to rerun your numbers if you're looking for a home and considering using a Conventional loan because of all of the loan level price adjustments ( LLPAs ) that have been enacted on a Conventional loan. These are added costs & fees that FHFA (Federal Housing Finance Agency) has added and subtracted to potential homebuyers.
While Conventional loan costs are rising, FHA has just reduced some of their fees and costs ( specifically their Up Front Mortgage Insurance Premium UFMIP ) and its making an FHA loan MUCH MORE ATTRACTIVE for many buyers.
I've run some comparisons in the videos below to help you compare Conventional To FHA Loans with similar qualifications.
Listing Agents ⚡️
If you are a Listing Agent, I've laid out ways to navigate FHA offers that could be less troublesome for you and your seller, especially regarding appraisal reports.
Buyers Agent ⚡️
If you're a Buyer's Agent, I have some great information you can share to help your buyers create more affordable housing and regain some lost buying power using an FHA loan.
If you missed my Blog Post on this important change, see the link -- Its a quick and easy read and one in which you can easily share.


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