Proven Strategies to WIN in Real Estate

Things you need to know TODAY:
If you are looking to Buy real estate ---
1. NOW might be the best time. Buyer activity is still down. Less competition means sellers are willing to negotiate
2. Rates and sales prices are dropping...however, if you wait too long you'll face FAR more competition
3. Pent up demand and seasonal buying will start soon as rates continue to drop... which means buyers will be faced with a seller's market; less negotiation and over bidding again
4. Use creative financing, Seller Buy Downs, to overcome higher rates and sales prices so you can buy more affordably today!
Buyers -- When many are sitting on the sidelines, waiting for rates and sales prices to fall, you can utilize this strategy to buy affordably and skip the chaos of the spring buying cycle. Buy now and refinance later while all others are trying to buy, in a already limited home inventory market, which only drives prices up. With a lower rate but having to over bid by $50 - 100,000 to get the home, have you really won? NO! So, its not really about a lower rate, its about the best strategy, right? YES, it is! Don't make this fatal mistake...
If you're still a little worried about the housing market and home values, maybe these two points will help. ( Ask to see the graphs that prove this statement) IN DIFFICULT ECONOMIC TIMES OR RECESSIONS, LONG-TERM INTEREST RATES GO DOWN AND HOME VALUES STAY EVEN OR APPRECIATE.
WHEN and HOW you purchase matters and we can help with better strategies, tools and services to ensure you are making a wise decision!
For more information on this financing strategies, How to Re-Enter the Market after sitting on the sidelines for a while and why the widow of opportunity is here but won't be here for long, click this link --
If you are looking to Sell real estate ---
1. Buyer activity is still down due to higher rates and sales prices so listing now has its challenges
2. To counter this, and attract buyers, use creative financing like the Seller Buy Down as Buyers are needing a more affordable payment
3. You can negotiate with this financing strategy to keep your sales price and Net Profit high
4. Even when rates drop in Q2 or Q3 to low-to-mid 5%, as forecasted, and its more of a seller's market, this strategy still works as Buyers will need more help with affordability
5. Here is an example of a Listing Landing Page we craft for our Clients for maximum exposure.
Sellers -- If you don't need to list your home now, wait a few weeks to hit the seasonal buying cycle and you'll also benefit from the pent up demand caused by the higher rate and sales prices we've seen over the last 2 years. As explained above, in a low inventory environment, buyers who wait will over pay for the home as they didn't heed our advice or they didn't have anyone advising them. If you need to list now, let me show you how we can create a listing landing page, with a financial presentation and other resources, to attract buyers. I can then share with you strategies on how we can negotiate with the buyer, using the buy down to keep the sales price high and more of your net proceeds in your pocket. By deploying this strategy, we'll educate and show the buyer how best to buy your home and the math will tell the story.
Its a WIN-WIN-WIN all the way around for all parties involved!
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